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Last updated: 2022-06-26 09:20:39

Russia strikes Ukraine capital
Russia attacked the Ukrainian capital early Sunday, striking at least two residential buildings, the mayor of Kyiv said, as elsewhere Russian troops fought to consolidate their gains in the countrys east.

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Today's Issue Published: Sunday, June 26, 2022
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A fraudulent ‘SIM-swap scheme, which allows cybercriminals to “hijack” cellular phones and gain access to sensitive personal information, has been used to swipe nearly $100 million from more than two dozen bank accounts over the last 18 months,..

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Key agenda items for Commonwealth going forward

KIGALI, Rwanda: The future of employment, climate change, rethinking industries in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and a greater emphasis on the prioritisation of human rights have emerged as key areas of concern for the Commonwealth as the Kigali...

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Blake pays tribute to stricken father

OUTSIDE OF a long-awaited return to his best form, nobody understood the reason former World 100-metre champion Yohan Blake was so full of emotion after winning the mens 100-metre title at the JAAA National Senior and Junior Athletics...

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Three more banks preparing wallets for Jam-Dex

Weeks after the Senate officially passed legislation to enable the full roll-out of Jamaicas digital currency Jam-Dex as legal tender, another three banks have stated their intention to move swiftly on the launch of digital wallets to facilitate...

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Big Youth's ‘dress code' – Staying sharp through the decades

Legendary cultural ‘toaster Manley Augustus Buchanan, more popularly known as Big Youth, is always reggae red carpet ready. He is a benchmark for signature style and flair in the reggae music landscape, but reminds youths that “image is not what...

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Editorial | The PM's tensions with rights advocates

Prime Minister Andrew Holness is no doubt absolutely sincere when he asserts his commitment to liberal democracy and his willingness to defend the principles of this form of government. He will, therefore, understand that many people are uneasy at...

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Fashion Notes: Diotima and Keneea Linton shine

Diotima dancehall and bespoke fusion Designer Rachel Scott dropped her Diotima resort 2023 collection B***y Jaw last week to much acclaim. Combining the sensuality of dancehall, bespoke tailoring, bead work and signature Jamaican crochet,...

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Betty Ann Blaine | Jamaica's child killers are fearless and free

The practice is not new, but it is now blatantly nefarious. The murdering of children that our country seemingly grew accustomed to over the years has now sunk to a new low in the deepening abyss of serious crime. Shockwaves ricocheted throughout...

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Art & Leisure

A passion for unconventional art

Unconventional is one of CoryKevauns favourite words, and also his approach for creating art. Distancing himself from still-life artwork and portrait drawings (reasoning that one can merely blow up a photo), he instead leans towards abstract...

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How to figure your FUEL consumption

Up ! Up ! Up! Goes the price of fuel. When will it end? Your guess is as good as mine. “I wish the price would vaporise like the gas in thin air,” says Sophia Dean, early childhood educator, who has to do pick-ups on a daily basis. Can you figure...

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