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Fit 4 Life | It’s all in the walk [Part I]
Ever had to walk any distance with a significant load? Unpack groceries or travel bags? Carry a container of water? Even if you have a decent level of fitness, carrying a load might knock the wind out of you. That's because, inadvertently,...

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Today's Issue Published: Wednesday, February 20, 2019
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UTech on edge - Staff threaten action over gov't subvention

With disquiet growing among members of staff at the University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech), its president, Professor Stephen Vasciannie, is urging them to remain patient as negotiations continue over the government subvention granted to the...

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Technology in Focus | Guard yourself against digital identity theft

Digital identity theft is on the rise and occurs in every industry with an online presence. As a result, local technology experts are advising Jamaicans to pay closer attention to it. This calls for a greater understanding of what exactly constitutes ou

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‘It's 50/50 for Kemoy' - Dr Wright: You never can write off anybody, ­especially someone like Campbell, who is very ­determined

Experienced sports medicine practitioner, Dr Paul Wright, says Jamaican long-distance runner Kemoy Campbell has a 50/50 chance of ­returning to compete at his best again. Olympian Campbell collapsed while competing at the Millrose Games in New...

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Maxfield Bakery looks to exports for new growth beyond Easter buns

Tarik Perkins is “busy, busy, busy”. It’s the make-it-or-break-it season for Maxfield Bakery, whose Easter buns bring in 49 per cent of yearly revenue. So Perkins and his upsized team are focused on getting ready to spice up the...

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Protoje blasts Gov't for not sponsoring his upcoming event

Reggae artiste Protoje has described the Government, organisers of Reggae Month, as “dinosaurs” who ignore booking trending conscious artistes to the detriment of developing the music economy. He also blasted Government for not...

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Editorial | Don't just drive in the dark
The Government, obviously, has a sense that there are a fair bit of motor vehicles in Jamaica and that the road infrastructure to accommodate them is inadequate, especially in the case of the Kingston metro region. We know this because of the...

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Letter of the Day | Water at Thompson Town health centre and high school
THE EDITOR, Sir: In response to an article carried in the Saturday, February 16, 2019 edition of The Gleaner, the National Water Commission (NWC) wishes to publicly indicate that water is currently being supplied by the NWC to the Thompson...

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Something Extra Wednesday

The Chinese Benevolent Association was awoken recently as many turned out in their numbers for the annual spring festival garden party. The orientals and pleasure seekers from different cultures, all celebrated the start of the Chinese New year - the year

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The truth about flu vaccines

No matter how fit and in tip-top shape I think I am, once I pass through an airport, I get the sniffles. However, you don’t even need to be travelling to be exposed to the flu. With the increasing ease of travel, the flu comes to you. Every...

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World News

Branson hopes concert saves Venezuelan lives

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP): Billionaire Richard Branson said yesterday that he hopes the concert he’s throwing to rally humanitarian aid for Venezuela will help draw global attention and save lives by raising funds for “much-needed medical...

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