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Published: Sunday | February 1, 2009
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MY DOWN TIME WITH ... Leon Robinson

Internationally acclaimed movie star and professional singer, Leon Robinson, was one of many celebrities spotted at the Jamaica Jazz & Blues Festival last weekend.

The actor, who simply goes by the name of Leon, was born in Manhattan, New York, and has starred in several films, some of which include: Little Richard (2000), Cover (2007), The Temptation (1998), Cool Runnings (1993), Cliff-hanger (1993), Waiting to Exhale (1995), Bats (1999), among a host of other movies. He began his professional acting career in 1981. Leon is the lead vocalist in the band Leon and the People.

What was the last book you read?

Sly and the Family Stone, an Oral History, by Dave Marsh.

Which CD are you currently listening to?

Leon and the People.

Where was the last interesting place you visited?

I would have to say Amsterdam. I went there for the Cannabis Cup.

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