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Published: Sunday | February 1, 2009
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Twice the fun at Couples
Chester Francis-Jackson, Contributor

Matthew Han and Kadian Dickinson perform to the popular movie theme song 'Goldfinger'. - Photo by Janet Silvera

It is easily one of the most anticipated events in tourism circles, and definitely one of the hottest social events on the circuit. Each year a slew of international visitors to the island book their vacation on or around this event, just to make sure they will be in attendance.

It is none other than the annual Couples double anniversary celebration.

Started by the illustrious Issa family, with the late Abe Issa as its chief architect, the Couples brand is recognised and celebrated the world over. It is seen in the tourism circle as an industry leader denoting elegant resorts and fine holiday living.

First, there was Couples Tower Isle, then there was Couples Negril, followed by Couples Swept Away and, more recently, the addition of yet another jewel, Couples San Souci.

Well, my dears, last Friday was the third anniversary of the Lee Issa-led Couples Resorts group acquiring the famed San Souci. And to commemorate this anniversary, the resort threw a simply marvellous shindig that will long be remembered for its Úlan and haute style!

For last Friday's celebrations, let's just say the resort's management and staff went into overdrive and then some. The end result being one simply fabulous do of memorable proportions.

Now, my dears, it really does not take very much to transform Couples San Souci from vacation playground to full-fledged fantasy. And fantasy it was, the fantasy here being Bond. James Bond. The British master spy with a licence to kill.

Well, my dears, James Bond may very well be licensed to kill, but thrill was what the management and staff did in their cabaret act.

Dears, there was no mistaking the fact that the night was about high-glam, fab-style and premium entertainment. The resort's beachfront lawns were not only transformed into a giant entertainment playground, but also done up to encompass all the elements of a high-end restaurant, my dears, and they succeeded beyond and above all expectations.

The evening got under way with a fab poolside cocktail reception that was all about martinis (shaken, not stirred) and margaritas. But the piece de resistance was definitely the sight of songbird Sabrina Williams reclining on a bamboo raft with all the resplendence of a diva, and belting out some Bond signature songs!

And then there was dinner!

Dears, with the beachfront lawns transformed into the equivalent of a fabulous high-end restaurant, and ringed by a number of pavilions serving up the very best fare, y'all know we are talking a smasheroni here. And if the mouth-watering lobster tails, succulent beef, or murderously good lamb were not enough to titillate the senses, then by golly, the fab Vegas-styled cabaret show, featuring the resort's staff and management playing out various Bond characters, coupled with the high-octane performance of the hot Gem Myers, backed by Fab 5.

This was enough to make even the most jaded in the audience not only sit up in appreciation, but also applaud widely in appreciation, and then take to the dance floor, crowning what was indeed a truly eloquent evening of song, dance and faultless repast.

And my dears, after all the official partying and celebrations, there was the after-party lyme at the resort's beach bar. And with premium libations still a-flowing, we are talking one fabulous vibe here, and nothing but!

Precious angels, it was like that; not even the legendary master spy, James Bond, could have managed to portray himself and/or his many exploits in a more fabulous fashion.

Out celebrating were: Lee Issa and his lovely wife Jane; Paul Issa and his wife Oriente; the fabulous Carole Issa Cartade; Custos Bobby Pottinger; Hon Bobby Montague; Councillor Murdel McKenzie; Earl and Beverly Levy; Charles Hanna; Anthony and Jean Watson and their son James; Chris and Michelle Bovell; Tony Lindo and Dr Elaine Williams; the fab Maureen Bonini; Annabella and Peter Proudlock.

We saw: Rafael and Robin deComas; Joey and Asha Issa; Tarun and Catherine Handa; Christian and Alex Ghisays; Bobby and Indu Chandiram; Andrew and Trisha Todd; Andrew and Caroline Grant; the lovely Sarah Todd; Franklyn McKnight; Bevon and Ailsa Francis; Errol and Judith Maloney; CEO of Couples Resorts Glenn Lawrence, his mom, the elegant Clara Lawrence.

Also out were VP Operations Gary Stephens; Leonard Henry, GM of Couples Tower Isle; and the night's host, Couples San Souci GM, who also doubled as Secret Agent 007, Pierre Battaglia.

But what a charmer of an affair!

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