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Published: Sunday | February 22, 2015
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Genius Budget - all dollars and no sense
In a commendable move towards better governance, Government sent the fiscal expenditure and revenue estimates to Parliament in mid-February.

Pre-signed letters all Holness' idea
On November 15, 2013, the day of my purported resignation from the Senate, I publicly stated that I DRAFTED the pre-signed undated letters of resignation - DRAFTED them, not CRAFTED them - at the request of Opposition Leader Andrew Holness.

Labourites learning nothing
Learning nothing from one's own errors has become the remarkable skill of the members of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP). In fact, if the events of two weeks ago are anything to go by, learning nothing appears to be the qualifying mark for membership in the JLP.

Are atheists more immoral?
'Jamaicans still religious,' blared the front-page Gleaner headline last Tuesday, reporting on its latest Bill Johnson opinion poll. 'No surprise there, says cleric' was the natural subhead. You could say that should really be a back-page story, for that is anything but news.

Ambitious Budget, but watch corruption
Finance Minister Dr Peter Phillips has made a historic move in fiscal accountability, presenting the Budget a good two months earlier than ever before. This allows for us to evaluate his plans and, unlike in other years, there is no 20/20 hindsight. It is simply about getting it right the first time.

The Pryce may not be right
Right at the start of the new parliamentary year, alongside Budget deliberations, the Internal and External Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives is to consider a private members' motion moved by the member for North East St Elizabeth, Raymond Pryce.

Where there's a will, there's a gamesman
I was in a meeting of the Jamaica Manufacturers' Association (JMA), a young public-relations officer, one morning in the 1960s, when the now legendary Robert Lightbourne, Jamaica Labour Party minister of trade and industry, was to make an appearance.

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