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Published: Sunday | March 1, 2015
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Holness a hypocrite? Flip-flop lashing not justified
Andrew Holness has not been having a happy new year. And political prosperity has certainly been eluding him.

Ancient Dental Act needs new teeth
Like all professions, dentistry is constantly changing. We face new ideas, new materials, and new challenges continuously.

Budget 2015-16 is two-sided optimism
Two Thursdays ago, Dr Peter Phillips, our minister of finance, submitted his Budget estimates to Parliament.

What you'll never learn at law school
The recent passing of Avis Henriques, a legend of commerce and a woman of substance, reminded me of my early legal education.

Holness in a whole mess
I really don't like it when young, bright politicians blunder and the public beats them like a Scottish cricket team.

Which is more important to Portia: election or history?
This will probably be a fateful year for the People's National Party (PNP), and quite possibly the country as well.

Secrecy, protocol and dumping gov't documents
The provision of Cabinet documents came up recently during sittings of the commission of enquiry, particularly after former Prime Minister Bruce Golding provided the commission with copies of briefing reports he had received from the security forces...

Greece loses, EU wins
The first round of the battle for the euro is over, and Germany has won.

Recession talk a bit of a stretch
In the Financial Gleaner dated February 27, 2015, an article written by Aubyn Hill titled 'Low growth hurting young adults' included a section, "The economy slipped back into recession".

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