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Published: Sunday | October 26, 2014
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Are Jamaicans the Gypsies of CARICOM?
Trinidad and Tobago's national security minister charged recently that illegal Jamaicans have placed an economic burden on the government of the twin-island republic amounting to some TT$1 billion. Indeed, it would certainly seem that the minister stopped short of labelling Jamaica the Romania of CARICOM.

Abu Bakr - much ado about nothing
About 50 years ago, Lennox Phillip, a Trinidadian national studying in Canada, converted to Islam.

The things we ought to fear
Recent events have made it clear that the management of information is a key instrument of development that secures the greatest good for the greatest number.

Ebola giving world a black eye
Sorry for disappointing my readers by not commenting on the J$4 million spent to repatriate controversial Trinidadian cleric Abu Bakr, or the more than 50 shots fired in the Canadian Parliament on Wednesday last and the cold-blooded killing of a soldier...

PPPs: the Caribbean catches on
Prior to about 2005, for many people who went to Jamaica on vacation, their holiday would be dampened, at the very last minute, by Sangster Airport in Montego Bay.

Proud to be poor
Everyone, from the IMF's head honcho Christine Lagarde down to your friendly cocaine exporter from Colombia visiting the island, would be forgiven for mistaking Jamaica for a wealthy country.

Liberians love Jamaica
Liberians' love and respect for Jamaica is extraordinary. An average Liberian knows more about Jamaica than many Jamaicans know about Jamaica.

The return of Abu
Regular readers (both of them) will recall that for two years, I've used the story of Abu Qatada as a reminder that we must abolish the Privy Council.

'Satta' JLP, Obama, and Mark Shields
The recent Bill Johnson polls conducted for The Gleaner Company had headlines screaming 'JLP leads as PNP's problems mount', 'Jamaica's PM Portia Simpson Miller's popularity plummets', 'Jamaicans split on IMF deal', and 'Government flops: ...

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