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Published: Sunday | April 20, 2014
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The cock crowed - Peter lied again
Nothing was happening around the domino table that particular Saturday. Gene Autry, The Beast and I were lazing around unable to raise a fourth, when Haemorrhoid showed up.

People's Budget or the IMF's?
Audley Shaw, in his budget reply on Tuesday, sharp rhetorician and 'ray-ray' lyricist that he is, could have a field day with his populist message of people's suffering and their lives going to hell with this International Monetary Fund (IMF) austerity programme.

The Easter story: myth vs faith
It takes a whole heap of faith for someone to be a Christian, and once again, we complete our Easter rituals on Resurrection Sunday. As irreverent as it might sound, we really have little evidence of all the biblical tales, including the Transfiguration and Ascension.

Arts, technics, education and society
We now have a new Poet Laureate. Professor Emeritus Mervyn Morris, with a strong track record in writing and performing poetry, has been selected to wear the laurel wreath of official National Poet.

Hollywood should look to Jamaica
It grieves me to see the golden opportunities being wasted because of myopia, insularity, and prejudice with regard to Jamaica's potential for generating far greater economic benefits from its culture, creative talents, and just being blessed.

JUTC had to get tough
Sunday Gleaner columnist Martin Henry, having written a column ('JUTC swipe unjust', April 13, 2014) about what he considers unjust and unfair business practices of the Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) in seeking to boost its revenue, has since resiled from the statements he made in that article.

Onward Boynean straw men marching as to war
In a column titled 'Why science is not God' (Sunday Gleaner, April 13, 2014), my friend, Ian Boyne, generates a storm of sophistry to blow down the straw men of "scientism" and the hubris of "scientistic atheists".

Robbed and conned; cut the crap; CTL myth
I would hate to think that my experience is/was the norm in Jamaica, for I was robbed at knifepoint when I was just 11-years-old and conned when 12.

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