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Published: Sunday | October 19, 2014
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Maybe we should scrap CARICOM after all - Right of hassle-free travel can't be withheld willy-nilly
The most recent denial of entry of Jamaicans to the shores of Trinidad and Tobago has set off a predictable flurry of commentary. One contribution in particular, that of Ricardo Brooks, in the Tuesday edition of this paper, warrants a fulsome response.

Can't we all get along?
I understand senior West Indies players are upset, but they should take a deep breath and remember who and where they are.

Woman time! Yawn.
Senator Imani Duncan Price recently argued in Parliament for a closer-to-equal gender mix in representational politics. She felt that this could be achieved with the introduction of a quota-based system to ensure that not more than 60 per cent, nor less than 40 per cent, of any one gender is allowed to sit in Gordon House at any given time.

Give youth power to boss up their future
This year, we will produce 3.5 zetabytes (3.5 x 10^21) of unique information worldwide. This is more information than the previous 5,000 years.

No time for JLP to party, or PNP to mourn
The vagaries that usually attend surveys on perceptions of individuals were very much present in the findings of the Gleaner-commissioned Bill Johnson polls, the last of which were published today.

It is May 1938. The headlines on the front page of The Daily Gleaner of May 3 screamed, '4 dead! 9 in hospital!! 89 in jail!!! Police forced to shoot down rioters in Westmoreland. Dollar-a-day demand ends in death!'

Ripe oranges turning green?
Ask the People's National Party (PNP)! Seriously, I am not making fun of the utterances by the Comrade leader almost eight years ago. I literally want you to ask the ruling party what it has done to give flesh to its tag line about 'putting people first'.

Duvalier: end of an era
Despite the many attempts on his life, it was a heart attack which got the better of Jean-Claude Duvalier on the morning of October 4. Controversy raged over his funeral arrangements.

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