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Published: Sunday | August 24, 2014
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Putting people first
There is this commonly accepted notion that people should pull themselves up by their own manufactured bootstraps; that nobody or no institution owes them anything, no matter how poor and vulnerable they are.

Fortress KPH and a convo with cops
Murder took me to the Kingston Public Hospital (KPH). The police said to arrive at 8 o'clock. I confidently parked in an unmarked available space in the hospital parking lot when my first security guard politely enquired if I was staff.

What will fuel our growth?
USA Today's citing of Jamaica as one of 11 countries at risk of default has provided an unwelcome jolt of realism, disturbing the Lagarde-induced slumber into which many of us had fallen.

Stop police in their tracks
When I am driving my car or walking going about my legal business, I hate being stopped. So, to evade the inconvenience of a being halted by a sun-baked constable with his trousers waist touching his shirt pockets, I try to avoid speeding and other traffic violations.

Why Westminster won't work
Unless we ditch the archaic, anti-democratic Westminster model of government and replace it with one making governments accountable, Jamaica will continue to spiral downwards until we're colonised by Haitian boat people.

Let them carry water! Whiners must give Ronnie a break
Minister Ronald Thwaites has a job very few persons, even those with much testicular fortitude, would begrudge. He seems to have got on the wrong side of almost every disparate group one can imagine - from the teachers in his ministry, to the parents of the students he caters to, and every other 'waggonist' looking for a cause to defend.

The dark side of VoIP block
Over the past few weeks, there has been a lot of discussion about the actions of telecoms providers LIME and Digicel in blocking voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) applications on their mobile networks.

History lesson for Shalman Scott
Please allow me the space to add to the response offered by Professor Emeritus, Sir Roy Augier, to the report on Mr Shalman's Scott Emancipation Lecture in the August 1, 2014 issue of The Gleaner, titled 'Orthodox history riddled with errors'.

Leading from the middle - Re-examine promotion process in secondary schools
Ineffective leadership is a major contributor to the problem of poor student performance in secondary schools. One aspect of leadership that is not frequently discussed is the absence of a formal system of promotion and the inconsistent ways in which teachers in secondary schools are promoted.

Waiting for Godot (Pt 1)
If recent events serve to enlighten members of parliament, ministers of government, and the judges in the courts on how poor blacks are treated in Jamaica in the name of law and order, Mario Deane would not have died in vain. It is from them that he expected his personal security and to them we look for peace and prosperity.

The Jamaican link in Haitian prison break
On Monday, August 11, Jamaicans awoke to a wave of panic, stemming from the news that the Haitian National Police were seeking international help following a prison break that freed a prominent businessman and allowed hundreds of other inmates to escape.

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