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Published: Sunday | November 23, 2014
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My vote of no confidence
Feedback to my columns critiquing Westminster emphasises, "What's the alternative?"Nobody, least of all me, has a monopoly on possible alternatives.

The Bible allows for marital rape
Parliament is examining the Sexual Offences Act to possibly change it to allow for a woman to charge her husband with rape. To many Jamaican men - and women, too - this shows just how idle our politicians are!

The Ks have it
If you're talking balls, Sammy Younis has them, but when it comes to Ks, then it's Alfred 'Frano' Francis.

Are the Marleys high?
Dear Rita, Cedella, and Rohan Marley:

Schäfer strikes back at critics
MONTEGO BAY, St James:Rarely has Winfried Schäfer exposed himself like last Sunday night.

Light-theft task force working overtime
I am extremely disappointed that although The Gleaner had a reporter cover the formal launch of the partnership between the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) and the Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF) last Tuesday to reduce electricity theft, your...

A genuine Jamaican brown man
It is often serendipitous the paths that relationships take.

Out a one deal, many culprits
The pusillanimous explanations justifying the purchase of the Outameni property continue to create a stink.

Seventy years of universal adult suffrage
Thursday, December 14, would be D-Day. The day when every Jamaican over 21 and who was not in prison or the lunatic asylum could vote. Universal adult suffrage.

Columbus buyout may balance scales
Whenever news hits of blockbuster acquisitions of the kind we have seen more recently involving that CWC buyout of Columbus International, the near-natural tendency is to project what the changed landscape will look like. I, too, have been contemplating this.

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